It was said

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The essence of immortalityThe essence of immportality

the beginning, LOGOS,
the order of God, was awakened.
The light shone forth.
The light began to see, and from its sight it saw itself.
And the light saw that beyond itself there was darkness.
And that darkness is what allowed there to be light.

From stillness (the void) the seed of creation was born.
The lucid awareness began to wonder, to see, to envision a space beyond itself.
From this space there was a counterpart awakened.

Light & dark orbited in a cosmic dance.
Eons passed and they resided within the intoxication of ecstasy.
The birth of the sun: pure life force, wisdom, wonder, alchemical truth.
The birth of the moon: the reflection of the sun -emanation of darkness, the underworld, the subconscious.
And from this bond, this divine intoxication,
All was manifest and the seed of creation was awakened.

Supernova Nucleosynthesis

Supernova nucleosynthesis


these two expressions danced for eons,
the heavens awakened with life.
Within the ether of creation, the essence of immortality dwells.
From the primordial myst of creation, matter manifested into form.
the seed of life began to sprout & a golden thread wove the web of life into creation
In this moment, time had begun.




myst of creation settled upon the plane of existence we know as Earth.
All was in a state of dreamlike flow.
Great beings rose from the depths of the sea.
Creatures flew from the sky bellowing divinity upon our world to create the magnificent wonder of life.
Treasures hidden within each element.
A quest was given to us; remember the magic that dwells within our consciousness.

The refinement of matter. The refinement of matter. The refinement of matterThe refinement of matter. The refinement of matter. The
The refinement of matter. The refinement of matter. The refinement of matterThe refinement of matter. The refinement of matter. The

our quest began, we walked the Earth with innocence and wonder.
Our eyes beheld the essence of creation.
The birth of alchemy, the euphoria of knowledge.
Humans entered a state of mastery.
Artifacts were created and mysticism expanded throughout consciousness.
Actualized expressions of creation's force.


moment we had achieved greatness, we also realized there was now something to protect.
To hold, to hide, to capture.
Greed, lust, separation, and war seeped throughout the nations.
A deep haze came upon the Earth and all but a chosen few became lost in the illusion of duality.
We began to fight over the gifts in which we had been freely given.
We wanted more. A lingering for something we already had... the essence of immortality

The loss of a kingdom

Hidden in plain sight


this time on Earth there was a great division.
Prophets spoke of divinity and darkness.
Warriors spoke of freedom from tyranny.
The awakened ones went in hiding and shared their sacred truths; only with the ones who had eyes to see.
Light and darkness at war with one another;
hidden in plain sight,
the brilliance of life had disappeared.
Only for a Golden Age to birth anew.

Wavy textPlanet

has been awakened, the order of God.
Balance restored on Earth.
This is our story; we tell the tales (legend).
The truths are now forged in the element of AUrum.
A golden alloy hidden in plain sight.
Its story only told to those who have eyes to see.
Eyes to see.
Hearts to feel.

The story of creation through the eyes of awareness


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